Season Openers
Ken Kewley’s collages at Lori Bookstein;

By Maureen Mullarkey

Ken Kewley
Ken Kewley's Bather (after Renoir) 2005

KEN KEWLEY’S FIRST SOLO SHOW at Lori Bookstein is a sophisticate’s delight. A smart, lively colorist, his instinct for planes and values makes collage a natural route to fractured but fully legible representation. Miniature formats belie the complexity of these collages. He considers modelled forms from a rhythmic point of view, creating an opposition of tonal movements that yields multiple color harmonies. His figures are particularly captivating, calling to mind the planar intelligence of Andre L’Hote’s leavened Cubism. Do not miss the pleasure of it.


Ken Kewley


September 15 - October 28, 2005


Lori Bookstein Fine Art

37 West 57th St.  3rd Fl  

New York, New York


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